Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)

The Better Cotton Initiative is a non-profit, multistakeholder governance group that promotes better standards in cotton farming and practices across 21 countries.


The organization identified the need for gender integration in cotton production and wanted to engage with farmers in a dialogue about intersectionality and gender- responsive action. 

What we did

We developed two modules -

  • Training of Trainers Module for Partner Organisations- Trained their internal team on gender transformative concepts along with understanding how to integrate women into the cotton production value chain. 
  • Farmers Toolkit- P4C developed a toolkit which included audio-visual aids to sensitize male and female farmers on understanding gender barriers and taking steps in integrating gender-responsive action into cotton production. The toolkit was developed through a consultative approach and ensured analysis from an intersectionality lens, such that the diverse social identities and their power relation expressed in everyday lived realities could be captured and translated into the content. 


BCI was able to reach out to farmers with the toolkits and our collaborative approach enabled the internal team to reflect on gendered realities in their own lives and communities of work.

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